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Community | Collaboration | Connection

A patient's health care and well being is very important to me. 

I am very particular who I collaborate with to ensure my patients receive gold-standard quality of care. 

Below are a list of practitioners, clinics, companies, and products I currently work with in New Zealand, and still connect with overseas.

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The Rising Mother is an online haven of workshop series to serve you at whatever stage of the pregnancy journey you are on. 

~ Preconception Knowledge and Care
~ First Trimester
~ Third Trimester & Preparing for Birth
~ Fourth Trimerster Preparation 

Each online workshop series is 5 weeks long and is a space to create community, gain knowledge and resources and to guide you through your own rediscovery as you journey into motherhood. 

Workshop sessions are led by Vanessa Werner (Prenatal Educator, Birth & Postpartum Doula), Emma Gardiner (Nurse, Naturopath & Medical Herbalist) and myself, Renee Malyon, (Musculoskeletal & Pelvic Women's Health Physiotherapist). 

Please email for more information and registration details.

Instagram and Facebook: @therisingmothernz

Website coming soon:

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Boutique Clinic - Newmarket

I currently work at Auckland Physiotherapy 2.5 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). The values and ethos of this company deeply aligned with mine. It is a beautiful clinic, with an incredible team, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

"At Auckland Physiotherapy, we work in collaboration with you to get you back doing what you love, better than ever. With Master's, Senior, and specialised Physios, Massage Therapists, coaches, and instructors, our team can provide multiple tiers of treatment to ensuring you get the right person to help you on your recovery journey. Treatment is completely personalised and moves you as quickly as possible from pain to recovery, recovery to strength, and strength to wellness."

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Qualified Credentialed Therapist under Scholarship

"This philosophy of active patient involvement is trusted and used by clinicians globally for the assessment, treatment, education and empowerment of patients with back, neck and extremities disorders."

Since graduating University and becoming a credentialed Mckenzie therapist, it has taught me how critical it is to empower the patient to take on their own journey of self healing and recovery. Education is a critical role we have as Physiotherapists, and this method combined with other treatment options can create successful outcomes.



Vanessa is a prenatal educator and Birth and Postpartum doula based in Auckland supporting women and nurturing new families. 

“It all starts with the mothers. This is why the support I offer is my true commitment. The work of a birth and postpartum doula must always be of good intention and integrity.”

It is Vanessa’s passion to bring forward the right education around childbirth and in doing so, creating a respectful birth culture with a strong sense of community, support and resource.



The House of Health is a Natural Health Clinic located in Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. They are a consultation hub of leading naturopaths and nutritional consultants including Sharon Erdrich and Emma Gardiner who I commonly refer my patients to. 

They blend together the wisdom of the ages with traditional herbal medicine and nutritional foundations. Their naturopaths’ are trained to use natural products, lifestyle changes, and dietary adjustments to balance your health issues.  They are experienced in pathology testing and diagnosing your stomach issues. They have diagnostic tests including breath tests that help find the cause of stomach problems. They have bespoke specialty products that their professional consultants can recommend to you based on your personal circumstances.

Digestive dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome and bacterial infections are only some of the causes of poor gut health. Emma Gardiner also assists me with specific women's health concerns e.g. endometriosis, preconception and ante natal support. Sharon is also currently doing her PHd studying the link between Fibromyalgia and gut microbiome dysfunction.

They are also available online for telehealth consultations.




Everyone is familiar with the feeling of being over exposed to blue light. For office workers, it can be headaches or migraines, tired or irritated eyes, and the digital eye strain brought on by hours focusing on a screen under harsh artificial lighting. For those who like to unwind at the end of the day by gaming or watching a few episodes of their favourite show, it can feel like the strange restlessness that doesn’t let you get to sleep.

Each of these problems can be traced back to our blue light consumption. Excessive exposure to blue light can be harmful to our eyes, sleep, and to our health and wellbeing. Posing problems long term by inducing degenerative problems in our eyes and disrupting the normal biological processes of the body.

You can combat these problems by reducing your cumulative blue light exposure with the use of BlockBlueLight glasses, and altering the lightbulbs in your home.



Eastern Bays Acupuncture Clinic, Glen Innes, Auckland

Takako Fowler

Professional Acupuncturist

Bachelor's Degree in Health Science in Chinese Medicine
(Acupuncture / Chinese Herbal Medicine)
National Diploma in Acupuncture
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

ACC registered



In 2018, I had some eye-opening sessions with a Kinesiologist. As part of her initial examination, she assessed my nervous systems response when I was holding my cellphone. It was evident that my strength on testing was reduced. The EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) we are exposed to everyday by smartphones, laptops, bluetooth devices, wifi etc. have an effect on our body. It was extremely fascinating to me given the field I work in.

After doing my own research, I decided to take her advice and try some of the Green 8 products. My sleep finally started to improve and I was feeling more refreshed and not requiring coffee to give me energy in the morning. It continued to improve even further when I also started turning off the phone/wifi among other melatonin enhancing methods - e.g. monitoring light exposure in the evening, healthy eating and earlier eating times, mental wellness practices and appropriate types and timings of exercise. 


"As an electromagnetic being, a person reacts with his own body’s vibrations to exterior vibrations. When cells are disrupted by negative information, biological processes are thrown off balance resulting in stress for body and mind.

The GREEN 8 GOLD® technology may neutralise the negative frequency of the electromagnetic fields by emitting positive frequency.

Behind this is the principle of interference: in a 180 degree shift, a positive vibration is set against the negative interference frequency. It may harmonise the negative information, gently eliminating the stress on living organisms. This phenomenon of destructive interference is also known from noise-cancelling headphones: noise waves created by an external source and sound waves created by the headphone speaker cancel each other out. The result is silence."

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Turkey and New Zealand

"Wellness retreats for the fit-curious adventurer."

"Imagine spending the day at sea on a luxury yacht, indulging in wellness activities and diving into the crystal clear waters whenever you want. Challenge yourself with an energising HIIT workout, zen it up with our yoga and sea meditation, engage in a wellbeing workshop, jump into one of our kayaks or SUPs, spend the day snorkelling, or simply read that book you've been meaning to open up all year.

Join us for an epic wellness adventure!"

This year SailFit will be launching their retreats in New Zealand from the Auckland marina. The first being on the 27th of February 2021. I am honoured to be partnered with them to offer Physiotherapy based massage, clinical advice and education on board. To contact them for more details or to book please click on the website link below!



My time spent at Udara was one of the most rejuvinating and relaxing experiences I have ever had. I established some sound relationships with managers and employees here. HAVEN WELLNESS will be hosting retreats here once we are able to travel again. 

"Udara Bali is an integrated healing yoga resort offering wellness and detox lifestyle to alleviate the stress of modern living. Nestled between the Indian ocean, rice fields and surrounded with ancient temples, Udara sets the mood for a relaxing and authentic Bali holiday.
Featuring four beautiful yoga shalas (three with ocean view, one overlooking the ancient temples) and a beautiful Spa with water healing pool, finnish sauna, herbal steam room, hot Jacuzzi and ice water plunge as well as a meditation cave. Udara is an ideal destination for individual travelers looking for healing, Yogis or retreats groups. The traditional Javanese wood Joglos or our sea view suite rooms with the outstanding personalized service will instantly have you feel at home. All yoga classes are free for our Hotel guests!"

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London, United Kingdom

I worked for Six Physio for 5.5 years from 2009 to 2015 during my time living in London.

I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with some of the most talented Physiotherapists from all around the world, whilst being exposed to invaluable learning opportunities, courses, and links to surgeons and other practitioners around London. 

Any patients I have traveling to London I will continue to highly recommend practitioners working there. 




I worked for Up and Running for 5 years 2015-2020 as a senior Physiotherapist, and manager of the Women's Health, Corporate Health & Pilates Services. 

"Established in 2010 by Dr Anna Zickerman UPANDRUNNING is the most advanced, dynamic sports clinic in the UAE. We pride ourselves on our ethical approach and ensuring the highest standards in healthcare by hand-picking the most experienced, skilled and accredited specialists from the around the world and using the most advanced medical equipment."