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After graduating in 2007 from AUT in New Zealand, I worked in private practice and a hospital in Auckland where I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have published various papers from my university research (author name: Renee Bigelow) for ‘Mulligan’s Mobilisation with Movement’ in the NZJP in 2008, and the JMMT in 2009.  This research was also used in Brian Mulligan’s new book: Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and the Science.

My postgraduate development continued with the NZMPA and the McKenzie Institute, gaining credentials under scholarship in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. 

I have been doing Pilates since I was 16 years of age, and since university I have been teaching mat, equipment and then ante & post-natal clinical Pilates.  During and after university, I also worked with various sports teams including at national tournaments.

I then spent nearly 6 years in London where I worked at Six Physio, and part time in my final year at UCLH and Chelsea and Westminster hospitals in the women’s health team.  I continued to gain qualifications in rehabilitation, pilates, acupuncture/dry needling with the AACP and women's health (gynaecological and obstetric management) with the POGP.  In London, I began my specialty in pregnancy related issues, pelvic and sexual pain, post-partum recovery, rectus abdominis diastasis rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, and overactive bladder.

Following London, I spent 5 years in Dubai at Up and Running Integrated Medical Centre, a multidisciplinary private clinic in Dubai.  My roles included Senior Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal and Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist; Team Manager for Women's Health and Clinical Pilates Services; and Corporate Wellness Service Lead. 

I have also found interest in learning Osteopathic techniques, mainly for women's health, over the last 3 years through mentoring, workshops, courses abroad, and also with the Molinari Institute in London and Greece.

I have a unique understanding of how the pressures of daily life can impact pain, injury recovery, stress levels, sleep and overall well being. Realising the link between pain, mental health and the physical body I decided to train as a Mindfulness Teacher in 2017.

I have a passion for health, wellness and exercise and consider Physiotherapy a challenging yet rewarding profession. I am 100% committed to finding the best outcomes, from research based treatment options, to using an integrated referral system within the professional community whenever required.


  • BHSc (Physiotherapy) - Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

  • Credentialed Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy practitioner

  • Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor - DMA, APPI (Ante and post natal Pilates also)

  • NZMPA Spinal Manipulation Course

  • AACP certified Acupuncturist and Dry Needling Practitioner (AACP and Club Physio)

  • POGP certified Women's Health Physiotherapist

  • Mindfulness Teaching Certificates - MBSR and Workplace Mindfulness  -  ‘Teach Mindfulness Online Premium - Shamash Alidina Ltd, United Kingdom. Accredited by the Society of Holistic Therapies and Coaches.

  • Somatic Trauma Therapy training - Dr Paris Williams 

Current Work Employment:

  • Auckland Physiotherapy -  Newmarket, Auckland, NZ. Senior Physiotherapist, Women's Health Specialist, Clinical Pilates and Corporate Wellness

  • Haven Wellness Ltd - North Shore, Auckland, NZ. My own business from home and in the community.  

Past Employment: 

  • Auckland Physio Rehab Group – Auckland, New Zealand (Covering Netball, Rugby, Football games and tournaments)

  • 1RM Physiotherapy – Private practice, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Mercy Parklands Private Hospital -  Auckland, New Zealand

  • Elevate Pilates – Auckland, New Zealand

  • Six Physio – London, United Kingdom

  • UCLH and Chelsea & Westminster locum NHS, Women’s Health  – London, United Kingdom

  • Up and Running Integrated Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE - Service and Rehabilitation Team Manager at UPANDRUNNING

  • DXB Minds - Mindfulness Course teaching at the Surf House Dubai

Publications/article collaborations: 

Awards and Recognitions:

  • 2007 ASICS New Zealand Best Undergraduate Research Award (1st Place)

  • 2007 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists M.L Roberts Undergraduate Research Award

  • 2008 Scholarship for the McKenzie Institute courses and examinations 

Semi Professional/Elite/Professional Sports Physiotherapy Appointments: 

New Zealand

  • 1 weekend assisting with Royal New Zealand Ballet 2009

  • Team Physio for under 16/under 14 female/male soccer tournaments - Napier x2

  • Elite sports men and women -  e.g triathletes, marathon runners to rugby players


  • Great Britain athletes - Trampolinist, and an Ice Hockey player

  • Elite sports men and women -  e.g dancers, triathletes,  marathon runners to rugby players


  • National netball players, elite, gymnasts and runners/triathletes, golfers

Special Interests:

  • Women's Health - Pre and post natal, gynaecological issues, sexual pain

  • Sports injuries 

  • Rehabilitation and movement analysis

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Acupuncture / Dry Needling 

  • Pre & Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Return to sport tailored programmes

  • Running Analysis

Personal Sport Interests:                           

  • Previous netball, soccer, waterpolo player and gymnast.

  • Ex performance dancer, and current recreational dancer

  • Running, hiking, cycling

  • Strength and conditioning, clinical Pilates, and yoga

  • Paddleboarding, skiing, rollerblading

Other Achievements/Experience

  • DMA Empower Clinical Pilates Courses 

  • APPI Pilates Pre and Post Natal Theory/Management course

  • Six Physio Pilates Training

  • Peter O’Sullivan Lumbar Spine course

  • Kinesiotaping courses 

  • AACP UK foundation (acupuncture) course and Dryneedling courses registered member of the AACP

  • POGP certificates: Assessment and Management of Urinary Dysfunction, Anorectal Dysfunction, and Pelvic Organ Prolapse  

  • Continual women's health and physiotherapy/rehabilitation based education in work with inservices

  • Acupuncture certificate for Women’s Health Conditions

  • Club Physio Dry Needling Certificates 

  • Visceral Mobilisation and Advanced Pelvic Floor Course - London and UAE 

Please email or call me for appointment queries and if you have any questions regarding your pain, injury, or treatment options.

A free phone consultation is always on offer to you first.

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**All testimonials have been written by previous patients, and all have consented to the presence of them with their photos on this website.**

I deeply care about the health and wellness of every patient I see, and furthermore understanding how each feels about their experience.

Please continue to share your feedback with me!


Lora Jayne

"Renee is an angel in disguise and has quite literally changed my life forever. She diagnosed my Diastasis Recti (a condition I had never even heard of or been educated on until I met her) and helped me through a very difficult postpartum recovery with empathy and kindness. I could not bring myself to even begin this journey until she helped me and is much more than a women's health professional and Physiotherapist to me. She is truly a healer with incredible sixth senses and magic hands. She helped my recovery physically and mentally and I could not recommend anyone to see her more. She will change your life forever and I wish I knew how to thank her for everything she has done for me."


If you would like to know more about any of our corporate health & wellness services, please contact us for a free discovery call now.

*Individual physiotherapy and therapy services are currently on hold with Renée while she is on maternity leave.*

Takapuna, Auckland


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