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  • Renee Malyon

Mindfulness & Meditation Practice - Is it for Everyone?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Someone once asked me, is the point of meditation to clear your mind and think of nothing?

The brain is like the heart....the heart continually beats, just like the brain continually thinks. It is pretty impossible to stop thoughts coming during meditation. So please don't think this is the ultimate goal!

The point of mindfulness meditation is to give your brain a new task and to simply observe our thoughts without judgement, bodily sensations, and breathing, and learn to control how you are reacting to these thoughts, feelings and sensations. This can then result in feeling more calm, an increased sense of acceptance and letting go through forgiveness, and it can improve resilience, gratitude, and patience in daily life.

The first challenge of meditation is to be able to sit with yourself in stillness, with your thoughts and tuning into your body and breath.

SO is mindfulness & meditation practice for everyone?.... In extreme and acute mental health situations, one should be cautious as it can turn up the volume of your thoughts and awareness....but otherwise, in most cases, it is a very beneficial tool to help improve mental well being.

Research has shown that mindfulness practice and meditation is an effective and holistic method to reduce stress, ease the anxious mind, improve discipline and emotional intelligence and resilience, improve sleep and develop a happier, more positive perspective on life.

My 4-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is carefully designed to teach you the principles and practice of mindfulness, for the lifestyle challenges we can face day to day.

Learn to find the balance between 'doing and being modes', and that calm clarity between your thoughts and reactions.

Contact me for your free phone consultation to ensure you are eligible to join, or for more information.

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